New Hampshire Credit Union

Auto Loan Advantage

Auto Programs - Better Than Ever

Historically, credit unions are strong auto lenders, providing great rates and services. In fact, most people have their first credit union experience when they buy their first car.
And now, our auto programs are better than ever. We have recently implemented some exciting new programs and partnerships to make it easier - and more affordable - for our members to secure competitive auto loans.

Credit unions offer:

  • Great rates, discounts and price advantages on auto loans.
  • New and used car pricing.
  • Collaborative programs with major American car makers, including GM and Chrysler, to help our members get auto loans.
  • A large portion of market share. Since the beginning of the 2008/2009 recession, one-third of all auto loans have been secured through credit unions.
  • Direct relationships between some credit unions and some car dealers, where members can quickly and easily get a loan while at the dealership.