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More Than Wheels

The New Hampshire Credit Union League is proud to partner with “More Than Wheels,” formerly “Bonnie CLAC.” More Than Wheels is an award winning, NH based, not-for-profit, service organization that has helped 1,500 low- and moderate-income families get a great deal on reliable, fuel efficient cars as well as affordable financing.

The typical More Than Wheels client is a lower income, single parent with young children and some credit issues.

More Than Wheels (MTW) has a time tested approach to providing reliable, affordable, and safe transportation that addresses all of these challenges. They work with the family to prepare them to be a responsible borrower through financial education. At the same time, MTW takes the necessary steps to help the borrower improve their credit score. MTW then negotiates a great price on a sensible and reliable car from one of their outstanding partner auto dealers. Finally, they package and present the loan to a responsible lender who offers a fair market rate.

For more information, please click here or visit a local, participating credit union.