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In your best interest

The New Hampshire Credit Union League will be participating in the Invest in America credit union loan partnership with General Motors and Chrysler corporations. The Invest in America program, launched in Michigan by the Michigan Credit Union League, has expanded to all 50 states, providing discounts and affordable loans to 90 million credit union members.

Throughout 2008, NHCUL members have been busy making auto loans and this new initiative Invest in America, is another example of the ongoing commitment of the NHCUL members to meet the auto financing needs of New Hampshire residents.

Credit unions of New Hampshire have a reputation for offering competitive,  no-nonsense rates, and couple these rates with Invest in America incentives, New Hampshire consumers can do exceedingly well.

The General Motors Credit Union Member Discount Program and Chryslers Credit Union Member Cash discounts were negotiated independently and offer unique and distinct terms.  The programs, running from now through June 30, 2009, offer General Motors supplier price discounts or Chrysler rebates of $500 or $1000 on eligible vehicles.  For specific terms, please stop by your local New Hampshire credit union or visit



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